Sexy Sci-fi and Erotic Art, Tentacle and Monster Sex at Cybrotica: VYX


I am sure I warned you that we would find and experience some very unique things, my traveling companion. This site we are about to take a look into is just one such unique gem. I hope you are ready. Don't worry, I'll stay with you the whole while.

Welcome to the site of VYX. The artwork is a compilation of drawn peril and tentacle horrors with photomanipulation of the highest quality. I guarantee you have never seen the likes of which you are about to see. Just take a look at these amazing previews set before you now. Trust me, you will leave later on a changed soul, because you're about to discover desires you never realized you had.

Look at these women. Some of them are even wearing adventuring gear. Some of them sought out these terrible adventures intentionally. But now they are laying prone on their backsides, legs spread wantonly as they give in to the hungers of their attackers. This is not the treasure they were seeking, and chances are good they didn't expect these zombie like lovers to come from the shadows. But don't worry. I'm here and I'm all for you, my sweet. We will watch and think on how we can enjoy what these pictures inspire us to do…with each other…to each other…

Image Strip Gallery

So you wish to know more, my travelling friend? That is wondrous news. In order to see these illicit images, I will require proper authorization and identification. If you please, go to the artist's site at Erotic Illusions and sign up for that one. Then return here with the codes you have been given for full unadulterated access to both that site and this one. After that, we will spend some quality time together within this exciting gallery, seeing what is on ... display...!

Visit The Artist At Erotic Illusions


Visit The Artist At Erotic Illusions